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Winter holidays are a time of conviviality with family or friends, and it's even better when you can share them with your pet! gives you the precautions to take in order to enjoy the snow with your dog.

Our video tips for taking your pet to the snow safely!

Sporty, small, large, dark, light… each dog has its needs when it comes to the cold: here are some basic tips to make your winter sports stay easier.

Before leaving for your winter snow holiday

In the snow, you have to protect your animal before you even set off! It is necessary to cut the hair between and under your dog's pads (you can ask your groomer) in order to avoid clumps of snow which can burn or create lesions. To protect the underside of his paws, you can use cream (spray or ointment) which will install a protective film or harden and make the pads more resistant. To be applied every day one week before the holidays.

In the mountains, the reverberation is important and the dog is just as sensitive to it as we are. For his eyes, avoid too much exposure to radiation, which could in the long run cause eye problems. You will also need to use sunscreen (index 50) for skin areas with low pigmentation (belly, inner thighs, ears and nose for some breeds).

Finally, depending on the animal, it will have to be covered so that it does not get cold. So plan to make or buy a coat for him.

Skiing holidays: on the slopes!

After each outing, systematically rinse your dog's paws to remove the rest of the snow or salt and check that he has no splinters or frostbite.

Prevent your pet from eating snow! It can make him sick and weaken his digestive tract. If your dog begins to have diarrhea or vomiting, go to the veterinarian urgently.

Finally, near the slopes, keep your animal on a leash because a collision can quickly happen…

Thanks to our holiday application you will find all the information you need to know where to spend your winter holidays with your companion!