What to do with your dog this summer?

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This summer, are you going on vacation with your dog? 30millionsdamis.fr offers you three ideas for activities and outings to spend quality time with your pet!

In the water, in the countryside or in the city… all the places are good for sharing unforgettable moments with your four-legged friend.

1 – Nautical Adventure

Does your pet like to swim? Opt for the “canipaddle” or the “canicanoe”. Some nautical bases even go so far as to offer courses for beginners… to be followed in pairs with your dog! For a successful adventure, you will need to take a few precautions. Equip your companion with a life jacket or a harness that can help him get to the surface and swim if he falls or gets tired in the water. The handle on the vest can also help you bring it back on board. Don't forget the water to hydrate it. Ban the leash and any attachment to the canoe to avoid unfortunate consequences in the event that the canoe turns over.

The more knowledgeable can even try their hand at surfing, like Chris de Aboitiz: this surfer, who has become a canine therapist, uses the waves to help dogs with behavioral problems. " It's a good way to exercise your dog while having fun ," says the Australian on 7 News. Surfing with dogs is a great way to bond with them .

2 – Bucolic getaway

If your pet likes to frolic, like most of its fellow creatures, there's nothing better than a small picnic in the countryside to recover after the walk, alone together. Bring a few games (balls, Frisbee) and a dish you've made especially for him! You can even make him an ice cream to cool him down.
When you go for a walk with your dog, bring a camera to immortalize the moments you spend in his company. Be ready to take a nice shot as soon as he smells the scent of a flower or rolls around in the grass!

3 – Historical moment

On a leash or carried (on your arm or in a basket), your dog can accompany you when visiting a cave. He will appreciate the freshness of the place and will like to lie down in contact with the wet ground!
Fancy a fairyland? Your four-legged friend can also follow you when visiting certain castles or abbeys whose parks and gardens will delight them.
Parisians or visitors to the capital, you can discover the monuments and charms of Paris, alongside your dog, during cruises on the Seine!

Do not hesitate to publish your most beautiful holiday memories on social networks with the hashtags #vacancesentreamis and #NONALABANDON by mentioning @30millionsadamis. And for other advice, activity ideas and practical tips, go to nosvacancesentreamis.com!

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