<aA canine trapped on a wall surface saved in Corsica, another saved in the middle of icy waters in the Hautes-Alpes!


    These pet dogs were saved thanks to the firemans! Men and women that will certainly stop at nothing to conserve all lives.

    In Corsica, the GMSP 2A Hill Rescue team (Groupe Montagne Sapeurs-Pompiers) was tested to save a dog caught … on a wall (12/21/2021)! In between the towns of Piana and Porto, the pet huddled against the rocks waiting on a wonder … which happened! Notified, the firemans after that embarked on a ” “long march “” ” ,”climbing”and”tip in the vertiginous link of this site” to conserve the inadequate pet dog.” An extremely physical and also technical operation which required 4 hrs of driving “on perilous surface, underscores Sdis 2A. Three days previously, it remained in the Hautes-Alpes that a pet had actually been extirpated in a very negative method! Stuck in the center of the Durance river, on an islet created by rocks, the pet was intimidated by the icy waters as well as the present (12/18/2021). The good news is, the devotion of the Argentière-la-Bessée (05) firemans enabled his rescue in the center of the evening.

    30millionsdamis. fr consistently honors these males and females for whom every living being need to be conserved. This was the case with this cat caught 15 meters high and rescued by the firemens in Pornichet, in Loire-Atlantique, or even this bitch that dropped from the jetty in the port of Ajaccio, saved by the Corsican firefighters.

    A lot more just recently, the Sdis37 firemens involved the help of 2 pet dogs throughout a fire in Luzé (Indre-et-Loire).

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