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The Importance of a Back-to-School Health Exam for Your Pet

The Importance of a Back-to-School Health Exam for Your Pet
The back-to-school health exam
360PetSupplies | BLOG | The Importance of a Back-to-School Health Exam for Your Pet

After the holidays, the changes of rhythms and surroundings, our animals can experience some small health disturbances; and the start of the school year is a difficult course to pass. questioned doctor Benjamin Capron on the good advice to observe for their well-being.

A healthy period for both masters and animals, the holidays allow everyone to get a change of scenery and recharge their batteries.

But the change of environment and habits can sometimes be accompanied by minor health problems. The start of the new school year must therefore allow everyone to find their bearings and be an opportunity to check the good health of their companion.

“During the holidays, the dogs and cats spent themselves more than usual. They associated with animals that could carry diseases and parasites. They were also able to make some pranks in their diet.

This can result, especially in older people, in a general weakening. It is therefore important to carry out a small health check when returning from the summer break, ” explains Dr. Benjamin Capron, veterinarian.

Watch out for pests 

First reflex: check that the animal has not been contaminated by parasites such as worms or fleas. Summer is also the great season for chiggers. Small orange-red mites, they attach themselves to the skin of our animals and cause severe itching and inflammation.

It is therefore essential to inspect their coat carefully. Vomiting or diarrhoea, even irregularly, can also be the manifestation of contamination. In all cases, deworming is necessary. “ It has to be done four times a year, once every season.

The start of the school year in September is a good time for the start of the autumn ,” says Dr. Capron.

For those who have gone on vacation abroad, especially in tropical countries, do not stop the treatments prescribed as a preventive measure before leaving on vacation.

It is even recommended to continue them two months after returning home. And if your pet has accompanied you to the south of France, Spain and Italy, watch out for leishmaniasis.

This disease, transmitted via insect bites, can have more or less serious repercussions for dogs, cats and other pets. Symptoms: appearance of skin lesions, deterioration of general condition (loss of weight, dejection).

Know that leishmaniasis is a disease that acts over time. It can very well declare itself several months after the infection. It is therefore important to monitor the animals at least until January or February ”, warns the veterinarian.

A little bit of blues ?

Finally, ensuring that your animal resumes its daily habits is necessary. Does he drink well, does he finish his bowls well? Loss of appetite, and weight loss can testify to a clinical symptom… It can also be a little depressing. Like humans, dogs are subject to the back-to-school blues.

Difficult to find yourself alone in an apartment after having frolicked in the countryside and having been surrounded by the whole family. It is, therefore essential to spend time with him to help him gradually readjust.

Extending the time for the evening walk, increasing the play sessions, and cuddling time at the weekend are all small gestures that will help your companion regain his joie de vivre.

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