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On the holiday highway, where can I take a break with my pet?

On the holiday highway, where can I take a break with my pet?


They too need a “stop”! Camping on the beach or lodging in the mountains, you may have planned to take the road to reach your vacation spot. If your dog, your cat or your NAC accompanies you, it will be all the more essential for you to take regular breaks, not only to hydrate it but also to stretch its paws and for its hygienic needs. However, if the small country roads offer a plethora of opportunities to stop, only one option is generally presented to you on the motorway: the rest area. However, these spaces do not all offer the same services, hence the importance of preparing your itinerary carefully before getting behind the wheel.

Canine spaces, for a “game” break

In France, the motorway network is managed by around twenty companies, most of which belong to three large groups: APRR-AREA (centre-east and east of the territory), Vinci (centre-west and south) and SANEF-SAPN (north and North-East), each offering tools to plan your route according to the services available on site: petrol pumps, electric charging stations, restaurants, etc. The interactive map of the APRR network allows you to select rest areas with canine areas (about fifty in total). If the Vinci network indicates on its website that " certain service areas such as the Montélimar Est area on the A7 offer canine areas equipped with games and obstacle courses for your companion ", it does not seem possible select them on the interactive map. The SANEF network, on the other hand, does not mention the existence of spaces dedicated to our companions, apart from the classic “ green spaces for relaxation ”.

Peckish ? Unfortunately, you will not necessarily be able to take your snack indoors with your companion: “ The resorts are free to ban animals or not, especially in catering outlets. But you can ask them the question to find out if this is possible , ”answers the APRR to a user on Twitter. It is therefore advisable to inquire before departure… unless you prefer to have lunch with him under the sun – provided he is there! In any case, never leave your pet alone in your vehicle: even when the outside temperature seems moderately high, that of the passenger compartment can skyrocket and the outcome for your companion could prove fatal. .

Need help with your preparations? Find all our advice for going on vacation with your pet – or having it cared for in your absence – on the platform of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

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