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New food cold principle enhances high quality, enhances security as well as cuts power usage

New food cold principle enhances high quality, enhances security as well as cuts power usage


360PetSupplies | BLOG | New food cold principle enhances high quality, enhances security as well as cuts power usage

Changing to a new food freezing method could create safer and also much better top quality icy foods while saving energy and also decreasing carbon discharges, according to a brand-new research by U.S. Department of Farming’s Agricultural Research study Service (ARS) and also College of California-Berkeley researchers.

“A full adjustment over to this brand-new approach of food cold worldwide might reduce energy use by as much as 6.5 billion kilowatt-hours annually while lowering the carbon exhausts that accompany creating that power by 4.6 billion kg, the matching of getting rid of about one million cars from roadways,” said ARS research study food engineer Cristina Bilbao-Sainz. She is with the Healthy And Balanced Processed Foods Research study Device, component of ARS’s Western Regional Proving ground (WRRC) in Albany.

“These savings might be attained without needing any type of considerable changes in existing icy food manufacturing tools as well as framework, if food manufacturers adopt this concept,” Bilbao-Sainz included.

The new cold approach, called isochoric freezing, works by saving foods in a sealed, stiff container– usually made from hard plastic or metal– totally loaded with a fluid such as water. Unlike conventional freezing in which the food is revealed to the air and ices up strong at temperatures below 32 degrees F, isochoric freezing protects food without transforming it to solid ice.

As long as the food stays immersed in the fluid part, it is safeguarded from ice crystallization, which is the main threat to food quality.

“Energy financial savings come from not needing to ice up foods completely strong, which uses a massive amount of power, plus there is no requirement to consider energy-intensive freezer protocols such as quick freezing to avoid ice crystal formation,” Bilbao-Sainz claimed.

Isochoric freezing also allows for higher quality storage space of fresh foods such as tomatoes, wonderful cherries and also potatoes that are or else tough to preserve with standard freezing.

An additional advantage of isochoric freezing is that it also eliminates microbial pollutants during processing.

“The entire food manufacturing chain can use isochoric cold– everybody from growers to food mill, item manufacturers to wholesalers, to stores. The procedure will certainly even operate in an individual’s fridge freezer in your home after they buy a product– all without calling for any type of major financial investments in new tools,” claimed WRRC facility supervisor Tara McHugh, co-leader of this study. “With all of the many possible benefits, if this innovative principle catches on, it could be the next change in freezing foods.”

UC-Berkeley biomedical designer Boris Rubinsky, co-leader of this job, very first created the isochoric freezing technique to cryopreserve tissues and also organs for transplants.

Since then, ARS and also UC-Berkeley have made an application for a joint license for applying isochoric freezing to maintaining food. The research group is currently establishing the very best applications for this innovation in the frozen foods industry, specifically scaling up the technology to a commercial level. They also are looking for commercial companions to help transfer the innovation to the business market.

UC-Berkeley mechanical designer Matthew Powell-Palm, one of the lead writers of the study paper, noted that “isochoric cold is a cross-cutting technology with appealing applications in not only the food sector, yet in medication, biology, even area traveling.”

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