Guide to Happy Horse Ownership: Buying Your First Horse

Guide to Happy Horse Ownership: Buying Your First Horse
Guide to Happy Horse Ownership: Buying Your First Horse

Buying Your First Horse: A Guide to Happy Horse Ownership by Heather Ledbetter. Have you ever wanted to have a horse of your own, but you have a lot of questions? Then this is the perfect book for you!

In this book, you’ll learn about things like the best horse breed for you, common horse problems, costs of owning a horse, horse behavior, horse care, and when to call the vet. Buying Your First Horse was written by Heather Ledbetter, an equine massage therapist, and instructor.

  1. A to Z with Cowgirl Camryn by Abriana Johnson

Cowgirl Camryn takes readers through an “agri-equestrian” alphabet from agriculture to the zipper and every letter in between.

These fun and vibrant illustrations are perfect for children who love horses, are learning their ABCs, and learning to read on their own while learning NEW words.

The Adventures of Bella & Emily Devon Revisited Week One by Michelle Holland

Bella and Emily are returning to Devon for three glorious weeks, assisting Aunty Pam at her rescue center.

There will be ponies who need rescuing, beach rides, and even a visit to a haunted castle and that is just the first week!


2. The Perfect Horse

The Perfect Horse (2016) by Elizabeth Letts tells a tale for war buffs and animal lovers alike.

A group of soldiers is on a mission to rescue a herd of magnificent white horses that Hitler has hidden to breed a master race.

Can they rescue the horses before the Russians add them to their menu?


3. Cowgirl Lessons by Rae Rankin

Cowgirl Lessons is a charming story celebrating the bond between children and horses.

 Told from the point of view of a young girl getting ready for her weekly horseback riding lesson, interacting with her parents, and getting to the barn for that special time with her horse, Cowgirl Lessons is perfect for your favorite bookworm or cowgirl!


4. Lucy’s Chance (Red Rock Ranch, Book 1) by Brittney Joy

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Rose is spending her first summer away from home and she has two things on her mind: an abandoned, violent horse and a blue-eyed cowboy. Only neither is hers.


5. Beyond Eight Seconds  by Carly Kade

You met wannabe cowgirl Devon Brooke and her horse Faith in In the Reins, you learned about horse trainer McKennon Kelly’s mysterious past in Cowboy Away, and you fell in love with their horse show dreams in Show Pen Promise.

Now, in the newest book in the Reins series, it’s bull rider JD McCall’s turn to tell his story in Beyond Eight Seconds!


6. Christmas at Catoctin Creek (Catoctin Creek: Book 4) by Natalie Keller Reinert

As the holidays approach the small town of Catoctin Creek, equine sanctuary owner Rosemary is faced with an entire herd of horses in need of homes.

 While her friends rally to help her expand her farm, a stranger arrives in town to solve a missing person’s case and captivates the town’s recently returned prodigal son.


7. Good Things Come by Linda Shantz

Good Things Come is Book One in a popular new series, set in the world of Canadian horse racing!

An intense young woman, a troubled young man, and a quirky Thoroughbred filly chase a dream of winning the Queen’s Plate.


8. Confessions of a Timid Rider by Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace is a returning adult equestrian and mama writing about her journey to be bold in the horse world and beyond.

A Perfect Christmas & Other Horse Stories by Hilary Walker

This collection of short stories begins with a midnight cart drive through the snow on Christmas Eve.

Other horse tales follow, based on Hilary’s personal experiences with her son’s naughty Welsh Mountain pony and a huge catalog of embarrassing incidents with her equines.


9. Stories from the Barn Aisle by Sarah Hickner

Stories from the Barn Aisle is a memoir featuring real-life tales of humor and grace from a horse-obsessed girl.

Unbridled Creativity: 101 Writing Exercises for the Horse Lover by Susan Friedland (that’s me!)

If you are a rider and writer, you’ll love this journal of writing prompts.

With a variety of horse-themed subjects ranging from photo prompts, persuasive topics, fiction starters, and more, hone your creativity in this workbook.

Thanks for reading this roundup, and I hope you find some new horse books to cherish this holiday season.


10. Black Beauty

Black Beauty (1877) by Anna Sewell is a story set in Victorian England, and details the journey of Beauty, a working horse that learns throughout the course of his life that humans can be his greatest friend or his most dangerous enemy.

One of the most interesting parts about this book is the fact that it isn’t written from a human perspective, but is instead narrated by Beauty.

This book contains themes illustrating the importance of caring for animals and understanding the feelings of other living beings, which is why we highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity of reading it yet.

If you enjoy the book, there is a movie version as well, which contains many of the same messages and themes (although, like many film adaptations, it isn’t exactly the same).



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