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How to Remove Dog Hair From The Car?

How to Remove Dog Hair From The Car?
Remove Dog Hair

It is virtually impossible for dog owners not to get dog hair in the car. Finding dog hair all over your car carpets and seats is always tiring, despite how much you love your furry friend. Removing dog hair from the car is highly tricky if you already know it. The fact is truer when you don’t know effective ways to remove dog hair from car upholstery.

The Best Ways to Remove Dog Hair From Car

Do you want to know how to remove the stubbornly intertwined dog hair from your car? Let’s look at some effective tricks below to get better results.

So, here we go:

  1. Use a dog hair remover roller

    A pet hair remover roller is a uniquely designed tool to remove dog hair from the car. Simply run the brush on your car carpet, seats, and other soft surfaces to remove dog hair. A hair remover roller is great for removing ingrained and loosened hair.

    Above all, hair remover rollers are pretty small in size, so their maintenance is also easier. Cleaning it with a wet cloth can effectively do the roller cleaning job after using it.

    Choose a reusable and pocket-friendly dog hair remover roller to do the job efficiently.

  2. Vacuum is the simplest solution.

    Sometimes, a vacuum can be a lifesaver for you when removing dog hair from the car. Using a vacuum on your car’s interior can let you do most of the dog hair removal work efficiently. However, buying a specialized vacuum nozzle to get optimal results would be better. Choose a nozzle with rubber bristles which is typically designed to collect hair.

    *Important tip*

    Use a vacuum cleaner on your car upholstery to remove dog hair in a lifted motion. It will make it easier for a vacuum cleaner to lose and lift the hair out of fibers. In addition, you should avoid using vacuum heads with hard plastic to scour the carpet. It has the potential to harm your car carpet.

3. A lint roller is an excellent tool to have in the car

A lint roller is another excellent tool to remove dog hair from the car. Rolling the lint roller over car seats and carpets will make it sticky paper to remove dog hair.

  • Having a lint roller is always good when you are out and about. It is because the lint roller is efficient on recently shed dog hair.
  • Simply put, lint rollers are portable, lightweight tools that are great for instant cleaning.

The only con of using a lint roller is that it can’t reach nooks and crannies. However, you can keep a lint roller in your car console to remove dog hair quickly after every trip.

4. A Velcro hair curler can be an effective solution.

Surprisingly, Velcro hair curler can also efficiently remove dog hair from car upholstery. Arguably, it is an

the unconventional solution, but the curlers can let you lift dog hair off the seat easily. The fact is truer due to the elongated tips of the Velcro hair curler.

Fortunately, using a Velcro hair curler, you can remove dog hair without damaging the fiber. The best part is you can reuse these curlers regularly for the best results; replacing the curler too frequently isn’t necessary.

Keep any of your old Velcro hair curlers in the glove compartment. Simply roll the curler on the carpet and seats to wipe hair off it.

5. Duct tape can offer you a reliable way to remove dog hair from car

If you want to know a trick to remove dog hair from the car, choose duct tape as a reliable solution. The best technique for using duct tape here is as follows:

  • Roll duct tape’s piece around your hand.
  • Press it harder onto your car’s affected areas.
  • Now pull your tape up to see the number of dog hair collected.

Repeat these simple steps multiple times to clean your car seats perfectly. Once the first tape piece loses its stickiness, create a new piece of duct tape on your hand.

6. Choose from a cleaning glove, brush, or stone.

Besides using a vacuum cleaner, you can leave everything else if you have a cleaning glove, brush, or stone in hand.

  • A dog hair cleaning brush is suitable for building a static charge that will allow you to remove dog hair from rugs and seats. This hair-cleaning brush features a soft, durable rubber that won’t damage your car’s upholstery.
  • On the other hand, hair-cleaning stones can even perform better than brushes. This tool helps remove stubborn and deeply embedded dog hair from the fabric and upholstery of your car.
  • Similarly, you can also consider using a dog hair-cleaning glove that contains soft silicone tips. It can attach loose hair to the globe, making it easier to remove from the car.

7. A wire brush can be a great trick.

A wire brush is another possible way to remove dog hair from the car. It can work amazingly to remove your dog hair’s last bits that other hair-removing products may have missed. You can employ this technique as the last solution because it can be harsh on your car’s upholstery.

Tips to prevent dog hair from the car

Preventive care is always best to avoid the tedious work of removing hair from the car. Of course, it is inevitable to completely stop dog hair from your car’s upholstery, seat, and carpet. However, here are some effective ways to limit the amount.

So, here we go:

  • Brush your dog before taking it into your car.
  • Consider using car seat covers for added protection.
  • Keep your dog in a container or crate to protect car surfaces from dog hair.

Final Thoughts

Owning a dog holds a lot of excitement but stressors too. Removing dog hair from the car is one of the inevitable stressors. However, the above guide will help you to remove dog hair from the car. Consider the one you find the best for you to get optimal results.

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