How to remove a tick from a dog’s ear?

How to remove a tick from a dog’s ear?
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Ticks are dangerous pets that every pet owner wants to keep away from their pets. Pet owners, especially those who live in rural areas with forests and fields nearby, must keep their eyes on it. Ticks usually live on long grass, trees, and plants throughout the day. However, they can also jump onto your dog when resting under a tree or on the grass. 

As ticks spend plenty of their time at a typical dog’s height. Therefore, it isn’t unusual for dogs to get these into their ears. If your dog has recently got a tick into its ear, it is imperative to remove a tick as quickly as possible to avoid its dangers. 

Learn the dangers of a tick in your dog’s ear. 

Dogs usually pick up ticks when they go outdoors. The dog can pick up a tick from outside, regardless of whether it has returned from a hike or a short walk. 

Ticks are more common in a dog’s ears than anywhere else. 

  • Dogs having ticks in their ear canal are more at risk. It is because ticks at that location are harder to spot; therefore, these stay inside the dog’s ear more often and can cause ear infections. In a worst-case scenario, it can even cause deafness in the dog.
  • In addition, ticks can also transmit a variety of diseases. The diseases can range from paralysis to fever and even more.
  • The worst thing here is that dogs can get diseases from ticks, even within a few hours. Tick bites aren’t only uncomfortable for your dog but dangerous too. Therefore, it is imperative to quickly remove a tick from your dog when you learn about it.

    Best way to identify if your dog has a tick in the ear 

    Your dog may have a tick in its ear without showing signs of its presence. On the other hand, if your dog shakes its head too frequently or scratches its ear excessively, you must look into it. These are one of the obvious symptoms of tick presence in their ears. 

    Besides that, you may also find signs of ear infection. 

    So, if you can’t find the tick, it would be better to visit a vet quickly. 

    *Important Tip*

    Even if your dog doesn’t show any signs, it is still important to check your dog’s ear and body for ticks. The practice is more important when you return from an outing in the area with a higher tick exposure. 

    Although the ticks are there throughout the year, the risk of ticks is the highest during fall and summer. 

    So, use your hands attentively all over your dog to identify if it has caught any ticks. 

    The best way to remove a tick from a dog’s ear?

    Tick checks must be a part of your pet care routine, especially if your dog spends most of its time outdoors. However, if the dog catches up with a tick, here is how you can remove a tick from the dog’s ear. 

    So, here is what you require to remove a tick safely from a dog’s ear:

    Required tools to remove a tick from a dog’s ear 

    Here are the tools that you must have in hand to remove a tick from a dog’s ear safely:

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A tick remover or a clean tweezer
  • Antiseptic or disinfectant cream 
  • Gloves 

*Important note*

Wearing gloves is important to stay safe while removing a tick. It is the best practice to avoid tick contact with your skin. 

Instructions to follow

Here are some quick steps that you can follow to remove ticks from a dog’s ear. 

    • Firstly, scan the ear of your dog for the tick’s presence. 
    • Then, keep the gloves on and calm the dog to start the process. 
    • Keep the grip on the ear of your dog firm to remove a tick from here. 
    • Use a cotton swab or cotton ball to rub Isopropyl alcohol in your dog’s ear around the tick. You can apply the cotton swab or cotton ball on the tick directly. 
    • Remove a tick completely while pulling it out in a straight line. Avoid twisting your hand, and ensure the tick has been removed. 

    In addition, you should also ensure that none of the tick’s parts (Head or Mouth) is left behind on your dog’s skin. 

    Steps to remove a tick from a dog’s ear using a tick remover 

    If you are using a tick remover to remove a tick from the ear of your dog, then:

    • Press the tick remover gently against the skin of your dog. 
    • Always press near the tick to remove it fully. 
    • Slide the mark of tick remover under the tick. Now pull it upward free.Steps to remove a tick from a dog’s ear using a tweezer However, if you are using a tweezer, then:
      • Hold the tweezer in one hand firmly. Use the tweezer to grasp the tick as close to your dog’s skin as possible. Ensure that you aren’t pinching your pet. 
      • Then pull the tick straight in a slow and steady motion. 
      • Avoid jerking while removing the tick from the dog’s ear, as any part of the tick left behind can cause infection. 

      Clean-up and aftercare are imperative. 

      Once you have removed the tick from your dog’s ear, wash your hands first. Now use antiseptic to clean the wounds of your pets. You should also clean the tweezers used for the process with isopropyl alcohol. 

      In addition, don’t forget to monitor the affected area to see if anything happens. If you suspect any tick-borne illness signs in the dog, visit your vet immediately. 

      *Additional tip*

      Once you have removed the tick, drop it into isopropyl alcohol. Take note of the date when you removed it. It is because your vet would demand it to identify or test in case of any infection. 

      Final Thoughts 

      If you and your dog love to spend more time outside, it is more likely to catch a tick. The ears are the most common area for dogs to get ticks. You should always check the dog for ticks regularly. If you find signs of a tick’s presence, follow the steps to remove a tick we have enlisted above. 

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