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How to properly feed your cat?

How to properly feed your cat?
feed your cat

Most cat owners love to have a big bubbly cat. It may be because these seem cuddlier. Excess weight isn’t good for your cat, regardless of why you love big chunky cats. Pets with leaner bodies usually have better health and live longer. In addition, a cat with a healthier weight usually suffers from health conditions.

The best way to manage their weight is to learn how to feed your cat properly.

A comprehensive guide on how to feed your cat properly

Let’s get started with the detailed guide on how to feed your cat properly here:

Factors that can affect the frequency and quantity of feeding your cat

Here are the key factors that usually affect feeding frequency and quantity:

  • Your cat’s health: Certain conditions can alter the amount and type of protein you should put in your cat’s food. Similarly, some health problems can even affect the metabolism of your cat. Due to this, you will have to adjust the feeding frequency and quantity accordingly.
  • The cat’s age can make a difference: Age is a key factor in determining how much and how often you need to feed your cat. For instance, kittens usually have higher energy requirements and require more nutrients. In contrast, senior or adult cats have lower calorie requirements. So, you should plan their meals accordingly.

  • Size of your cat: Another key consideration here is the size of your cat. Pettie cats may require less food than big-boned cats.

  • Activity level: Cats that like laying down more usually burn fewer calories than the ones that exercise more. The metabolic rate of cats also affects how much you should feed your cat.

  • Reproductive status: Nursing and pregnant cats usually need higher caloric intake. Due to this, you need to feed them more often than other cats.

*Important information*

The stomach structure of cats is simple, like us. The filled-up stomach of cats will take a few hours to empty. That’s why feeding your cat at least twice a day is typically recommended.

Tips for feeding your cat

Whenever it’s about to feed your cat, there are some things that you need to learn. The tips mentioned below will help make proper cat feeding easier.

So, here we go:

Choose the right cat food

The very first step of feeding your cat is choosing its food. Consider your cat’s age, size, weight, and health to make the right choices. It would be better to add a variety of tastes, textures, and nutrients to your cat’s food. You can also choose between wet cat food, dry cat food, or a combination of both for better variety. However, textures and flavors in your cat’s food can range from crunchy to creamy and fish to chicken. Experimenting with different items will let you learn better about your cat’s choices. 

2. Identify the needed amount.

Regardless of the food type you choose, providing an adequate amount is necessary every day. Overfeeding your cat can cause obesity and lead to other health problems as well. If your vet has told you that your cat is overweight, it is essential to decrease its food quantity quickly.

To avoid this, you should always identify the right amount of food for the cat.

3. Develop a schedule to feed your cat.

Developing a routine to feed your cat will inform her about the meal time and what to expect. Scheduling can make the cat feeding process easier and more enjoyable for you and your cat. You can divide the total food amount into multiple meals. Or you can put the dry food per day serving to your cat’s feeding plat every morning.

However, if you offer wet cat food, they must consume it within 30 minutes.

4. Provide your cat with easier access to water.

Hydration is as important for your cat as it is for you. Still, when it’s about to feed a cat, hydration isn’t the first thing to come into your mind. However, it is vital for your cat’s overall health and well-being.

That’s why you should always provide your cat access to fresh and clean water. You should always keep the water in a metal or ceramic bowl for your cat.

In addition, it is always better to keep a second water bowl away from the cat’s food bowls. You can consider keeping it under the bed or desk to make drinking easier for your cat throughout the day.

5. Ensure being sanitary.

Cleanliness is a must to keep your cat in good health. Therefore, you should always ensure to place the water and food bowls of the cat away from its litter tray.

In addition, you should clean food bowls regularly, even if you put dry food in them. Some cats don’t feed from used bowls. So, being careful about sanitary is important when feeding your cat.

6. Use feeding toys to incorporate more fun while eating

Feeding toys are always best to incorporate fun and enjoyment in feeding your cat. Food distributor balls and puzzle feeders are some of the best options. These feeding toys can increase the drive to hunt your cat.These feeding toys are also effective in keeping the cats occupied the whole day. It will provide your cat with enough mental stimulation and help your cat lose weight. Don’t forget to check all the feeding toys at the end of the day to ensure your cat has consumed all the food.

Mistakes to avoid when feeding your cat

Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid when it’s about to feed your cat.

  • Providing too much food to your cat isn’t good. It can make your cat overweight which is bad for its health. Therefore, providing your cat with an adequate per-day food serving is always necessary.
  • Giving dry food only is arguably the biggest mistake people make when feeding their cats. It can affect their urinary tract because cats don’t drink water voluntarily. So, providing moisture-rich food to your cat can be a lifesaving solution here.

  • Avoid going vegan or vegetarian. Cats are carnivores obligately; therefore, they need meat to thrive. So, you must be careful about their nutritional needs accordingly.

So, this guide has it all on how to feed your cat. Consider the tips and information here to feed your cat properly and ensure optimal health.

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