Horseshoe clips are so Important for horses

Horseshoe clips are so Important for horses
Horseshoe Clips

Horseshoes are vital for horses, especially if they come in contact with rough flooring more frequently. It is because hard and uneven surfaces can damage horses’ hooves. In addition, not using horseshoes can put your horse at a higher risk of standing on a harsh object that can damage their hooves. 

Typically, nails are used to stick horseshoes to your horse hooves. However, using a horseshoe clip is important as it provides added security and protection and reduces the risk of injuries. 

Why are Horseshoe clips so Important for horses?

Horseshoe clips are one of the most beneficial and versatile modifications to help horses in multiple ways. These clips are rectangular metal tab that sticks on your horseshoe’s foot surface and sits on the hoof wall. The key function of horseshoe clips is to keep the strains off the horse nail. 

In addition, these clips also hold the horseshoe more securely than using nails only. There are various other reasons as well that make horseshoe clips more important for your horses. Do you want to learn some of these here? Let’s see why horseshoe clips are so important for horses below to understand things better. 

So, here we go:

1. For improved balance 

Some horses may have balance problems, making it difficult to maintain their balance when running. You can provide them additional support through shoeing with clips. It will give added support to their hoof capsules as per need. The practice will ultimately correct their balance problem over time. 

2. To improve the performance of horses 

According to some equestrians, horseshoe clips also improve the performance of your horses. Horses in high-impact competitions, such as cross-country work, high-level jumping, etc., can perform better with horseshoe clips. These clips can secure horseshoe more effectively and keep horses from unwanted impact on their hooves. It will ultimately help them perform better at such events. 

3. Horseshoe clips provided added protection to horses. 

A horseshoe with clips is typically used to provide more protection and strength to the feet and hooves of horses. Like our toenails and fingernails, the hooves of horses also grow continuously. Horses that pull a carriage carry a rider, or hold any other load wear down their hooves pretty often. The fact is truer due to added stress and extra weight they must bear regularly. 

Horseshoes with clips can help in adding extra strength, durability, and protection to their hooves. These will also provide higher protection from hooves injuries that hard and rocky surfaces can cause. 

4.  To cope with some medical reasons 

Horses who suffer from medical conditions such as ringbone, arthritis, laminitis, or more can also benefit from the added support that horseshoe clip provides. 

In addition, horseshoe clips can also be used for corrective measures. It means these can help your horse balance problems with the gait and stride of the horse. It can also help in correcting the cracks and chips in the hoof. 

5. The rate of wear can slow down with horseshoe clips 

Wearing horseshoes with clips can also help in reducing the wear of hooves significantly. These can help prevent the hooves of horses from wearing out very quickly. It makes horseshoe clips especially beneficial for the horses that have to do work that involves a lot of weight bearing. Carriage pulling is a common example you can consider here. 

6. Decreased risk of injuries 

Even good nutrition and proper maintenance can help build up the resilience and strength of the sole and hoof. However, there is always a chance that your horse may suffer an injury like a stone bruise and more during work. Using horseshoes with clips can help you reduce the risk of injuries to your horse. 

7. Horseshoe clips ensure increased traction. 

Horseshoe clips can provide your horse with improved stability and better grip. It helps them to have increased traction even in bad weather conditions, slippery and difficult terrains. Horseshoe clips are more beneficial for horses in muddy and wet weather. Specialized horseshoes with clips can even provide your horses added stability and balance in snowy conditions. 

Things to know about horseshoe clips for horses 

Arguably, horseshoe clips have been used for years for horses due to all the benefits we mentioned earlier. However, it is still important to know various things about horseshoe clips before using these for your horse.

So, here we go:

What are horseshoe clips made of?

When it’s about horseshoe clips, most people don’t even know what these clips are made of. Horseshoe clips are triangular metal tabs that stick to the shoe’s foot surface. The primary function of this horseshoe clip is to provide horse hooves added protection against injury and wear and tear. 

Using nails only won’t stick horseshoes with hooves securely enough. On the other hand, you can consider these triangular metal clips as a double-knotting to hold the horseshoe more securely. 

Every time horseshoe has more strain on it from the torque or force against the ground. Nails you have used to fasten horseshoes will be at a higher risk of getting loose. In contrast, metal clips can better secure horseshoes in place for longer. 

Can a horseshoe clip hurt the horse?

As horseshoes are attached to the hoof directly, clips are there to hold the horseshoes securely. Therefore, most people have a common question: “Can horseshoes with clips hurt the horses?” Is the process of applying and removing horseshoes and clips painful for horses? 

Well, various such questions may also arise in your head. Always remember that applying and removing horseshoes with clips is pain-free for horses. It is mainly because the horse hooves don’t have any nerve endings. Therefore, the horses usually don’t show any signs of aggression or pain when you apply or remove horseshoes. 

In addition, the horse may have a similar sensation as we experience while trimming our nails. Some people also want to know how often you should replace horseshoe clips for horses. Well, horse feet grow in about 1 year. It would be better to replace horseshoes and clips when feet grow out of them. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, horseshoe clips are important for horses due to multiple reasons. The reasons range from improved protection to better strength and more. So, horse owners must consider applying horseshoe clips to provide all these benefits. 

thanks for reading our article. If you would like more articles like this, check out our other Horse articles. 


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