360PetSupplies | BLOG | How to Approach a Wild Animal

How to Approach a Wild Animal

Wild animals are unpredictable and can be dangerous, so it is important to be cautious when approaching them. Here are some tips: 1. Assess the […]
horse's hooves?

Why is it important to clean

Horse hooves are essential to their health and well-being. They are the foundation of their body, and they help them to walk, run, and jump. […]
Himalayan Salt Lick

Himalayan Salt Lick for Horses: Product

Himalayan salt licks are a popular choice for horses because they are a natural source of essential minerals and electrolytes. These licks are made from […]

Animals Understand Human Language?

Animals are fascinating creatures, and one of the things that makes them so interesting is their ability to communicate. While some animals communicate primarily through […]
Horseshoe Clips

Horseshoe clips are so Important for

Horseshoes are vital for horses, especially if they come in contact with rough flooring more frequently. It is because hard and uneven surfaces can damage […]
Farm Animals

The Benefits of Having Farm Animals

Have you ever thought of having your farm animals? In the wake of increasing concerns about antibiotics and animal ethics for commercially-grown meat, people have […]
feed a horse

How to feed a Horse?

Sharing life with a horse is always a rewarding experience. However, it also comes up with a great responsibility of caring for your horse. The […]
Wash horses hair

How to wash horses hair?

Horse grooming is an important matter, and washing horse hair is one of the most important aspects of it. Cleaning and conditioning are the basic […]
ride a horse

How to properly ride a horse?

When you are up to ride a horse for the first time, you will be excited and nervous at the same time. It is truer […]
360PetSupplies | BLOG | <strong>10 Fascinating Animals That Call the Desert Home</strong>

10 Fascinating Animals That Call the

The desert might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of wilderness, but it is home to a variety of […]

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