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Heatwave: what food to favor for your animal?

Heatwave: what food to favor for your animal?


In summer, our companions also suffer from the heat. To help pets overcome high temperatures, the 30 Million Friends Foundation explains to you, with the help of veterinarians, how best to feed them. Be careful, however, not to vary their diet too much to avoid digestive disorders!

Moistened croquettes, vegetable ice cream… Here are some tips for adapting the diet of our 30 million friends to hot weather!

Choose a wet diet

Because the croquettes are dry and dehydrated, you can opt for pâtés, which are much more moist: they are composed of 70 to 80% water (compared to only 8 to 10% for the croquettes). “ But if the animal is a little fragile in terms of its digestion, changing its usual food for a wetter food can be counterproductive if it is not used to it , warns veterinarian Dr. Brigitte Leblanc. The change in diet can cause vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration ”.

The best thing is to moisten the croquettes , advises Dr. Leblanc. There, there is no risk! You can even add water-rich foods such as zucchini, cucumbers or carrots. However, some vegetables should be avoided. Thus, the avocado – through the persin it contains – can generate digestive and respiratory groups.

360PetSupplies | BLOG | Heatwave: what food to favor for your animal?
To moisten the food of your companions, it is possible to add vegetables to the croquettes! ©AdobeStock

Specially adapted ice cream

You can also offer your pet homemade ice cream that you will prepare yourself. For a savory ice cream, freeze a defatted vegetable broth with water in an ice cream mold, possibly adding diced carrots. For a “sweetened” ice cream, “ whip water and sugar-free yogurt until you obtain a kind of cream ,” suggests Régis, chef at the Les Truffes Dorées pet treat shop in Metz. Add small amounts of fruit pieces and freeze! »   Melon and watermelon are very popular with our 30 million friends: " it's a disguised way of giving them water ", explains Dr. Géraldine Blanchard, veterinary nutritionist. However, beware of dangerous fruits, such as grapes: “ A simple bunch of fresh grapes is toxic for a 10-kilogram dog , informs B. Leblanc. With digestive symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea) then acute renal failure, one to three days after ingestion ”.

And of course, do not forget to always leave a bowl of fresh water (not ice cold) available to your pet (or at best a water fountain) possibly in several rooms of the home.

Here are some great tips for having fun with the family! All that remains is to wish a good appetite to our 30 million friends.

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