Heat wave: it also affects wild animals


Dogs and cats are not the only ones to suffer from the heat. While France is again on alert due to temperatures close to 40°C, wild animals find themselves particularly vulnerable. 30millionsdamis.fr guides you – with advice from Faune Alfort and the LPO – on what to do to help them.

They don't complain but suffer just as much. Faced with high summer heat, wild animals, such as our dogs and cats, can quickly find themselves without a solution. This is why everyone can contribute, on their own scale, to help them in case of need.

What to do when dealing with an animal in distress

Among the main victims of this heat wave, birds and small mammals deserve special attention. " All the animals will be affected by this high heat ," said a spokesperson for Faune Alfort. Difficult to differentiate the species, each one has its specificity. The swift, for example, is an extremely fragile and vulnerable animal. If he falls to the ground, he cannot go back. It is absolutely necessary to entrust it to specialists. “Whatever the wild animal, there are very important precautions to take when it is found in difficulty: “ the animal must be handled as little as possible so as not to stress or injure it , explains Faune Alfort. If in doubt, it is best to entrust it to a center, if you have one near you. And let's not forget that it is forbidden to own wild animals. »

If you find an animal in distress, here is the advice of Faune Alfort:

  • Always handle him very gently, in case he is injured, and as little as possible to avoid stress.
  • You can catch a bird by gently throwing a cloth over it.
  • Install the animal in a secure container like newspapers at the bottom in a temperate place that is not especially cold
  • Leave water available in a container, but little water to avoid possible drowning.
  • Above all, do not force the animal to drink until it has calmed down
  • Leave him alone, don't ask him.
  • As soon as the animal gets better, it will start to get restless and try to leave. It should be released rather at the end of the day when the heat has subsided. let it go on its own

Place a container of water within reach of the animals

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During a heat wave, do not hesitate to provide the birds with fresh water in a container. ©AdobeSock/Lisa Holder

In the event of strong heat, the most useful gesture also turns out to be the simplest. Everyone can put fresh water in a container in their garden or on a window sill. " The ideal would be to increase the number of accessible water points ", emphasizes Nicolas Macaire, head of the refuges of the Protective League of Birds (LPO). Above all, it should not be too deep or smooth. Between 3 and 5 centimeters of water is enough. It is important to know that a bird needs water all year round to stay hydrated and clean its plumage. »

The LPO advice for birds can also be applied to small mammals:

  • Arrange water troughs in gardens that are not deep or smooth; a basin is not desirable for example. You can take a trash can lid and put it upside down. There are also resin containers.
  • The water temperature should be room temperature but the container should be placed in the shade to keep it cool.
  • Change the water every day, preferably in the morning, to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes.

With all these tips, it will now be easier for you to rescue the most vulnerable animals.

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