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While episodes of high heat are falling on France, some departments are placed on “heat wave” vigilance. Precautions should be taken to avoid what is called “heat stroke”. 30millionsdamis.fr reveals the advice of our veterinarians to give… a breath of fresh air to your animals!

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1- Avoid walks in the heat

To allow your animal to exert itself, nothing like walks! But choose your niche carefully: go out during the coolest hours (early morning or evening) so as not to weaken your animal. Don't forget to walk in the shade and avoid concrete: indeed, the temperature of the bitumen can reach 50 C° on the ground, your dog's pads can be seriously burned.

In general, during a heat wave, avoid making him do unnecessary exercise: no jogging in the middle of a dodger!

2- Arrange your home

In order to insulate your house as well as possible and keep it a little cool, remember to close your shutters and turn on a fan. “ You can put the air conditioning on but only if it is moderate. Otherwise, it can cause respiratory problems, ” explains Dr. Laetitia Barlerin. Another little tip: “ Leave open rooms where there are tiles on the floor: your animals will naturally lie on them. she continues.

3- Points of freshness

To allow your pet to cool off on its own, “ the trick is to install a damp towel on a drying rack: your pet will naturally place itself below this humid microclimate! reveals the veterinarian. You can also leave damp towels near his basket or wrap ice packs in a towel.

4- Unlimited water!

Like us, animals need to hydrate! It is recommended to opt for a water fountain: " Water fountains that constantly offer filtered and fresh water will encourage your pet to drink ". Failing this, be sure to regularly fill their water bowl with fresh water, but not ice cold because it would cause a thermal shock! To encourage his cat to drink, veterinarian Cyril Berg also suggests flavoring the water in his bowl with the juice from a can of tuna.

360Petsupplies | Blog | Heat: 10 Tips To Cool Your Pet
During a heat wave, remember to keep your pet well hydrated. ©AdobeStock

5- Cool extremities!

Dogs and cats struggle to evacuate heat. You can therefore lower their body temperature by cooling their head and legs first. How ? Apply a wet washcloth to their head or their entire coat for cats. After a walk, a dog will also like having its pads refreshed: you can therefore soak compresses with water and place them on their pads. Immediate effect guaranteed!

If your pet is not too fearful, a mist spray will also do the trick. “ If your cat is fearful, spray the mister on your hand and then apply to his coat ,” she advises.

6- A well ventilated coat

Contrary to popular belief, you should not mow your animal in summer! The hair protects against UV, dehydration and allows thermoregulation, ” she explains. However, do not hesitate to brush your animal daily to air its fur and remove the dead hair that clutters it.

7- A bath and then comes back…

If you have the possibility, do not hesitate to take your dog near a water point (lake, spring, beach, private swimming pool, etc.) where dogs are tolerated (see the map of pet-friendly beaches). “ Dogs will also have a blast if you wet them with a simple garden hose, ” smiles Laetitia Barlerin.

360Petsupplies | Blog | Heat: 10 Tips To Cool Your Pet
To cool your pet, apply a damp washcloth or towel to its head. ©AdobeStock

8- A rehydrating bowl

You have probably noticed that kibbles for dogs and cats are dry and therefore dehydrated. They tend to make your pet thirsty, which will compensate by drinking plenty of water. In the event of a heat wave, you can avoid making your pet unnecessarily thirsty by wetting its kibble! You can also add water-rich foods such as zucchini, cucumbers or carrots. If you wish, you can also offer him homemade ice cream that you will prepare yourself: recipes in our article.

For cats, I recommend giving more mash in cans or sachets in the summer. For those who don't have health issues, you can also give cat milk in addition to the water, ” she suggests.

As for rodents, also offer them fresh vegetables and fruits that will rehydrate them and don't forget to check that their water bottle is working well!

9- By car Simone!

" During the trip, place a damp towel on your animal's transport cage or an ice pack under its basket " suggests Laëtitia Barlerin. Do not abuse the air conditioning: too cold, it causes respiratory problems, rhinitis or even otitis. “ Pay particular attention to young animals and to older ones, which are more sensitive to temperature variations, ” she adds.

Finally, do not leave your pet locked in the car. The 30 Million Friends Foundation recalls that an animal can die in a few minutes in a car left in direct sunlight. Indeed, the temperature in the cabin can reach and exceed 40°C in less than 10 minutes and be fatal for the animal that finds itself trapped there.

10- Heat stroke: good reflexes

Does your pet pant, have red eyes and breathe very quickly? He suffers from heat stroke. It must then be refreshed as quickly as possible to avoid cerebral oedema. " Wrap your animal's body in a very damp towel and then consult a veterinarian urgently, " warns the veterinarian. All our advice in our article "Summer: beware of heatstroke!".

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