Halloween: preserve your animals! TEST 5 TITR


1. Keep them away from sweets

Sweets (candy, chocolate) and their packaging can be harmful to our 30 million friends. Chocolate is deadly for dogs and can harm the digestive system (vomiting, diarrhea, bloating), the nervous system (anxiety, tremors, convulsions) as well as the cardio-respiratory system (tachycardia, respiratory disorders) of cats. Sweets, when ingested in excessive amounts, can cause gastroenteritis or worse, potentially fatal pancreatitis. Packaging, on the other hand, can be the source of digestive problems and occlusion.

If your animal has ingested sweets, do not wait for any of these symptoms: after a phone call informing them of your arrival, go immediately to the nearest animal poison control center or to your veterinarian.

2. Avoid disguising them

Although animal costumes are very popular (so much so that it is sometimes difficult not to give in to them!), they can nevertheless annoy or even scare your companion.

Above all, if you use make-up or coloring for yourself, be sure to keep your pet away from it: " licking these products can be toxic ", reminds veterinarian Dr Brigitte Leblanc.

3. Leave them alone

Like any celebration, Halloween can scare your pet Very sensitive to noise, they can be disturbed by the cries of children or the din of doorbells. “ How many dogs or cats escape that evening, ending up in the noisy streets, filled with children or adults all dressed in disturbing disguises? These unusual costumes and noises can cause panic but also aggression in our animals , explains the veterinarian. It is therefore better to install them in a quiet room away from this agitation throughout the evening. »

4. Keep decorations out of reach

Cobwebs, pumpkins, skeletons, candles and lanterns… The decorations are varied on Halloween night. But they can be dangerous for your pet when ingested or handled.

Place them out of his reach to prevent any risk of suffocation, indigestion, burns or electric shock.

5. Protect black cats

Because they remain associated with misfortune, black cats are one of the symbols of Halloween and can therefore be the victims of bad jokes on the evening of October 31. “ Besides, in Anglo-Saxon countries, adoptions of black cats in shelters are stopped throughout the month of October to prevent them from being picked up by unscrupulous people ,” says Dr. Leblanc. Also, keep them safe to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.