Feed suspended! Please contact the owner.

Feed suspended! Please contact the owner.

Dear Inoreader Community,

Update: 1. If you were on a premium plan, your current limits will be protected until the end of your current subscription period!

2. Please check your email (registered in Inoreader) later today for complete communication regarding the new plans and what will happen to your current plan and price!

3. We have increased the limits on rules in the Pro plan to 30. Read the new announcement here.

We have been working tirelessly since 2013 to deliver a secure, stable, ever more scalable solution for our users. Inoreader has grown to be much more than an RSS reader – it is now a content hub used by information professionals and avid news readers alike.

The best of all is that over the last couple of years we have started amassing larger and more resource heavy organizations on the platform – or simply put – we have been getting more enterprise customers to whom Inoreader is at the heart of business operations.

That is why as of today, we are releasing completely new plans which we modelled by analyzing our users’ aggregate data in 2018. We decided to provide offers that reflect actual usage and will leave roughly 90% of our users completely unaffected in their daily Inoreader use.

Starting to work with large organizations will allow us to move the needle in our industry and open the door to amazing things like experimenting with innovative features and improving numerous aspects of the application.

We invite you to view the new plans in your Inoreader web account.

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Thank you for helping us make 2019 the year of progress and innovation,

Best wishes from the Inoreader team!

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