Goats were eating the flowers in the cemetery … the mayor has them slaughtered by seekers!


    “Scandalous”,”disproportionate”, ” “shameful”… It is a rainfall “of ” objection which ” drops on the mayor of Lorette, Gérard Tardy. Notified by the residents of this small village in the Loire region complaining of damages caused by apparently wild goats in the cemetery, the city councilor took the radical choice … to have them slaughtered! 9 of the 12 were eliminated by hunters. One of them was ringed. Three goats are stated to have actually left the shots by taking sanctuary in the close-by hill.”Completely disproportionate! “”It '

    s completely disproportionate, chokes

    the opposition community councilor Julien Lequeux, joined by 30millionsdamis. fr. Other remedies less devastating than this one existed, we did not need to come to that! Associations could have recorded or moved them, the fencing can have been increased. I recognize the distress of the family members of the dead, but many were amazed at such an extreme remedy and also locate themselves uncomfortable despite this activity”.