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Cat Beds & Furnitures


MAYSHINE Plush Shaggy

KNOW US :) We are a professional manufacturer of different kinds of mats. And we know what kinds of good mats are needed by consumers. CLEAN :) The dog door mat is machine washable, it has been dealed with special washing technique. After 10 times machine wash test, the mat is still as good as new. No worry that it could get fibers come away, really easy to handle and care. COMFORT :) Height of the fibers: 2.5 cm; Especially soft and thick microfibers. Its thick and ultra soft microfibers can offer your pets with better sleep. Besides, special dog bone design in coordinate with your home decor.

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PAMPER YOUR FURBABY W/ COMFY COZY SOFTNESS. This super soft pet blanket is made from 100% Polyester Faux Mink, which makes it ultra soft and plush, giving your furry family member their own special snuggly spot. SIZED TO SUPPORT TRAINING. This durable plush pink pet blanket for dogs and cats measures 30" x 40” (about the size of a 50” tv) and its weight is 300 g/sm, which means it’s just the right size and warmth for them to carry or burrow into to fall fast asleep. SAVE YOUR PET BED. With the elegant reversible design and four classic colors, you can cover your pet bed and save time (and energy) always vacuuming, lint-rolling and washing your pet bed.

Armarkat Cat Bed,

Soft Velvet with waterproof & skid-free base Filled with extra thick 100% poly fill for maximum comfort Machine washable

Dogbed4less Orthopedic Small

WATERPROOF LINER + 2 EXTERNAL COVERS - This bed comes with x1 Water proof internal zipper cover to protect the memory foam, x1 Durable washable gray color MicroSuede external zipper cover + x1 Free bonus MicroSuede brown non slip external case and x1 gel infused small medium memory foam pad at 35" Length X 20" Width X 4" Thick. DURABLE WASHABLE COVER - Removable 180GSM Microfiber Faux Suede cover with strong zipper and extra stitching to prolong the life of the pet bed. Available in Small (35" x 20" x 4"), Medium Large (37" x 27" x 4"), Large (41" x 27" x 4"), XL (40" x 35" x 4"), XL (47" x 29" x 4"), XXL (55" x 37" x 4") and Jumbo (55" x 47" x 4" ) 35X20X4 ORTHOPEDIC MEMORY FOAM - Top rated quality small medium hypoallergenic high density 100% memory foam pad provide the support

Dogbed4less XL Orthopedic

2 LAYER OF COVERS - The bed comes with x1 removable washable MicroSuede external zipper cover in grey color + x1 Waterproof internal zipper cover and x1 gel memory foam pad for best comfort, easy cleaning and long lasting. ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT - Solid Extra Large 47"X29"X4" top rated gel infused temperature regulating memory foam provides the support and relieves the pain of arthritis. Pad will not flatten overtime to promote better sleep and healthy joint for your dogs. COOLING LUXURIOUS COMFORT - Better than average human grade mattress with conforming therapeutic comfort. The combined benefits of pressure point relief, alignment support, less allergens and cooler sleeping surface come together to create the ideal environment for deeper and more restful sleep.


Luxurious plush fabric Overstuffed bolster provides additional support Machine wash cold

Petper Dog Product,

Material: we used lightweight polyester construction that is warm and soft during the winter. Product Dimension: Large size: 33.6*25.6*6.3 inches, Color: Brown. Comfortable design: PP cotton in filled, resilience is 2 times the ordinary cotton and provides joint support and soothes pressure points for deeper, more restorative sleep.

Amazon Basics Cat

Elevated cat hammock with dual scratching post pillars Plush hammock provides a comfortable space for your cat to relax Helps keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more

Miss Meow Cat

Linen&cotton Fabric: Linen is highly favored for its durability, coolness, moisture absorbency, and appearance. It is a signature of style and quality.Our fabric choice is also Eco-friendly which automatically makes it pet friendly. Capture loose hairs without the worry of hairs becoming deeply embedded while maintaining fabric integrity. Convertible/Collapsible: Our tent bed conveniently converts into a flat bed, making it not only versatile, but a wise investment. Give your pet two beds in one: a tent for fun and protection from the elements, and a simple flat bed for increased ventilation and interaction with the environment. The collapsible tent feature makes tent-to-flat bed conversion a breeze. With a gentle amount of pressure, the apex of the tent collapses to form a more flattened surface for pillow or cushion placement. Zip out Pillow: A zippered pouch encases this cushion which serves as the bed ‘mattress’. Both the pouch and the cushion


Soft Material: Made of luxurious faux shag fur, stuffed with soft durable superior high density cotton,our donut cuddler pet bed offers maximum comfort and warmth for your furry friends. Round shape is positively perfect for pets who love to curl up and snuggle. Comfort and Support: The dog beds' overstuffed bolstered walls offers additional orthopedic support and serving as a comfortable headrest. Also featured with deep crevices that promote pets' burrowing and nesting instincts for ultimate comfort. Non Slip Safety: The cushion raised bed features an anti slip bottom, which can prevent moving and shifting and work great on hardwood floors or tile. Keep you dog safe when they step on and off.

Amazon Basics Collapsible

Cube-shaped cat house offers kitty a fun, relaxing place to lounge, hide, and play Suede side and bottom; cozy sherpa top with a soft suede raised-border edge for added structure and comfort Interior den-like hiding space for napping; circular cut-outs promote interactive play


Size:15″ x 23″ | Color:S-Dark Blue Pets give us a lot. They wag their tails to welcome us home, accompany us quietly by the sofa, […]


Material:Make of attractive luxurious faux fur,macarons color donut shape.Round pet bed offers a safe, Ideal for a cat or small dog to snooze.Your little furry friends will feel surrounded by love and warmth, allowing them to experience truly restful sleep. restful sleep for improved behavior and better health. Choose size: We suggest the 19.7"x7.9" (S) bed for pets of small size up to 20lbs.Suit :for all age of cats,small dog breeds puppy Chihuahua,Yorkshire,Schnauzer,Poodle,Bichon Frise,Miniature Pinscher. COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Filled with a high-loft recycled polyester fiber.Self warming fleecy fabric keeps your kitty or doggy warmer in winter.

Selify Cat Window

★ THE AVERAGE WINDOW CAT PERCH ISN’T STURDY ENOUGH TO HOLD YOUR CAT FOR LONG, with suction cups and Velcro strips that COME LOOSE FROM THE WINDOW AND SEND YOUR FURRY FRIEND TUMBLING TO THE GROUND. Selify’s Cat Window Perch suctions securely to windows with SPECIALLY ENGINEERED 3½-inch SUCTION CUPS that can HOLD UP TO 60 LBS. Comes with a fun feather cat toy that will KEEP YOUR CAT OCCUPIED FOR HOURS! ★ UNLIKE OTHER CAT SHELVES MADE OF FLIMSY MATERIALS THAT FLEX, RIP, AND BREAK IN A MATTER OF DAYS, our cat window hammock is constructed of HEAVY-DUTY 1-INCH ABS TUBING, securely supported by ROBUST STEEL SPRING CLIPS and SS304 STAINLESS STEEL CABLES coated with soft rubber for your cat’s protection. Perfect for a standard-sized window! ★ LUXURIOUS COMFORT FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND – WITH A VIEW! We’ve designed our cat window bed to be the ULTIMATE RELAXATION SPOT

K&H Pet Products

Outdoor dog bed with fluffy plush bolster for ultimate comfort and security 600-denier nylon fabric is waterproof, bacteria, mold and mildew resistant Raised dog bed helps pets stay cool with its mesh center