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Legendog Cat Bed

✔ Reduces anxiety:The raised edges of cat bed create a sense of security and provide head and neck support, and the round pet bed provides a safe space for cats or small dogs to sleep. Cat bed could let them feel the envelopment of love and warmth, calm down more quickly, ease anxiety, and let them experience true sleep. Adequate sleep, improve behavior and improve health. ✔ Versatile design:Cat bed can be seamlessly added to the decor of any room! The cat bed is held in place and can be easily placed on the tiled and hardwood floors of the home/living room. The bottom of the cat bed prevents accidental dirt and water from entering the floor. ✔ Practical materials: Long pile and PP cotton create a practical and comfortable cat bed! Made of practical materials, cat bed can be used in washing machines and dryers (machine wash, gentle circulation,