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Brand: Generic


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ShrimpRack 8 Blue

High Grade Size: Juvenile shrimps 1/4" - 1/2" Healthy and Active. Live Guarantee Arrival. We take loss, so our customer don't have to

Family of (5)

You will receive 5 total fish. 1 Albino Strawberry peacock cichlid, 1 OB Peacock cichlid, 1 Yellow Sunshine peacock cichlid 1 blue peacock cichlid and […]

Generic,Mystery Snails x3

GREAT ALGAE EATERS - Mystery snails are great at consuming algae. Not only are they fascinating creatures to keep in your aquarium, but they also have the ability to maintain your aquarium algae free. VERY PEACEFUL - Mystery snails are safe to keep with any shrimp, plants, or non-aggressive fish. AMAZING COLOR VARIETY - Mystery snails come in a variety of colors such as - Blue, Gold, Ivory, Purple, Green, Magenta, Chestnut, Black, and Albino.