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by Kentucky Performance Products- Is it Too Cold to Bathe Your Horse?

by Kentucky Performance Products- Is it Too Cold to Bathe Your Horse?
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Are you wondering when it’s too cold to give your horse a bath? Kentucky Performance Products has the answers! Read on to learn how to keep your equine companion clean and healthy even in chilly weather.

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Bathing your horse is essential to equine care, as it helps keep your horse clean, healthy, and comfortable. However, washing your horse during cold weather can be challenging and risky, as cold temperatures can negatively affect your horse’s health. This article will discuss when it is too hard to bathe your horse and provide tips to help you keep your horse clean and healthy during winter.

People have varying opinions on when it’s too cold to bathe a horse, but fortunately, Kentucky Performance Products is here to help with a more definitive answer.

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Is it Too Cold to Bathe Your Horse?

Once a horse is entirely wet they can get cold very quickly. The average critical temperature for a horse with a short coat is 40°F. Below that, they feel cold. Once a horse’s coat becomes utterly wet to the skin, even a long fuzzy winter coat loses its ability to keep the horse warm.


When a horse is wet, its critical temperature will increase by anywhere from 10°F to 15°F; therefore, it would be unwise to bathe a horse if the temperatures are below 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have to bathe your horse in cooler weather when there is a chance they may get cold, choose an area where they are protected from the wind—a warm sunny spot is best, and use warm water.

After their bath, monitor your horse frequently to be sure they are drying off and not shivering. You can use a cooler or a heat lamp to keep them warm until dry. Brisk rubbing with a towel will also speed up the drying process.

dry Timing

Horses with heavy winter coats will take much longer to dry then clipped horses. Be sure the horse is completely dry before leaving them in a stall or turning them out. Once the really cold weather sets in, wait until spring to start bathing again.

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