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Easing teleworking: prepare your animals!

Easing teleworking: prepare your animals!

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Millions of  people will gradually resume their face-to-face activity. All those who have enjoyed the company of their animals by teleworking, will have to move away from it during their “office” hours. And because our  friends are at risk of suffering from it, it is important to prepare them now. helps you to limit their anxiety (and yours!) As much as possible.

Anticipate: “We will have to start preparing our little animals! “. Like Dr. McCarty, many veterinarians have started to advise their clients to avoid any master / animal separation anxiety. Difficult but necessary gestures for the well-being of these hairballs which continue to accompany us since the beginning of this health crisis. Because the closer we have been to our animals during this period, the more difficult it will be to return to “normal”.

Reduce the time spent with your animals

It’s a bit like when children return to school after the summer vacation ,” compares Dr. McCarty. Animals must be restored to their normal rhythm of life ”. Thus, dogs should, from now on, be walked – if this is not already the case – at the same times as before teleworking. It is also recommended, from today until the resumption of work, to leave it alone for a few hours in another room. “ You have to start getting the dog used to loneliness again, little by little, so that it does not suffer too much from separation anxiety ,” confirms James Dunec, dog trainer and behaviorist for the journal Psychologies .


The dog must be accustomed to loneliness to avoid separation anxiety.

For cats, two profiles are to be distinguished. Those who have found the presence of their master “very boring” will finally find their territory; all will be well for them! However, those who particularly appreciate human contact could suffer in the absence of the master. “It will be necessary to prepare the twinks a little stressed and anxious ,” explains Dr. Brigitte Leblanc. For this, you can for example use pheromones (Feliway type) or even light aids against stress (Zylkene or Anxitane type) ”. The NACs could also be disturbed by the resumption of face-to-face work. Many people live “in freedom” in the house or apartment in the presence of their “master”. They will therefore have to be re-accustomed to their “confinement”, by increasing the time in the enclosure and by limiting interactions.

Associate moments of solitude with pleasant sensations

To make separation easier, be sure to associate moments of loneliness with positive feelings that will soothe or amuse your pet. You can, for example, provide him with an item of clothing that you have worn, a food dispenser toy , or even funny videos in which fish, birds or lasers come alive on the screen.

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