A kitten pulled out of a sewer thanks to the mobilization of the 30 Million Friends Foundation


    A kitten of barely a month and a half had been stuck in a sewer for at least 3 days, in La Rochelle (17). After hearing cries, a local resident contacted the 30 Million Friends Foundation to help the little prisoner. The animal was rescued by firefighters and collected by a local association.

    Like every evening, Mélanie walks her two dogs in her residence in La Rochelle. But this walk on June 26, 2022 is nothing like the others. While her dogs are on alert, the mistress hears " meowing coming out of a sewer ". " I saw a little kitten's head sticking out ," she told 30millionsdamis.fr. I tried to lift the plate but impossible! I then put a little pâté in the hope that it goes up…

    The kitten trapped in the sewers for at least 3 days

    Melanie then tries to call for help. Unfortunately for her (and the kitten!), the town hall, the river and the pound do not lend her a hand. " Nobody could do anything ," she says sadly. My spouse tried to break the plate but nothing to do. But letting him die was out of the question! »

    It was then that La Rochelaise decided to challenge on social networks. The 30 Million Friends Foundation responded to his call and immediately reacted by contacting the municipality, which itself contacted the local association Planning Chat. “ The poor feline must have been browsing the network for several days , testifies Sophie, a member of the association who made the trip during the day. It was too deep to crawl into. And I admit that I was not very optimistic because we did not hear it anymore…

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    The intervention of firefighters allowed the rescue of the kitten / DR

    The 30 Million Friends Foundation resolves the situation: the cat is saved

    But the kitten was obviously evening. Around 11 p.m., Mélanie heard her mewing again and contacted the association and then the firefighters. “ They managed to lift the plate , explains the resident. And there was relief. They pulled out a small ball of fur. The animal spent the night alongside Sophie, from Planning Chat. His visit to the veterinarian is reassuring: the one and a half month old kitten “ is in good health ”.

    His name is Corto ,” smiles Sophie. When he left, it was really happiness. We don't know how he got there. We have a lot of abandonment issues with cats and not all stories end so well. Corto has since been taken in by a foster family. Thanks to a formidable chain of solidarity and the help of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, the kitten will soon be able to find a new home.

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