A kitten embraced … by the Vaulx-en-Velin police station!


    Pro patria vigilant (“For the homeland, they view”, in Latin). At the Vaulx-en-Velin police station, near Lyon (69 ), the motto of the authorities is also that of their mascot. ” “Her name is TN360, of our radio call sign (used by the authorities to interact with each various other, Editor” s note)”, grins the commissioner, joined by 30millionsdamis. fr. Nearly a code word for this feline that likes to conceal behind a computer system, under a cardboard box or perhaps … in the storage lockers of the locker rooms!

    An unanticipated fostering

    To recognize the visibility of the kittycat in these unusual places, you have to go back practically two years. ” “We frequently have individuals who find animals in the road as well as bring them to us : pets, bunnies, and even hens,” “states the commissioner. Eventually, we were provided a little kitten of concerning two and a half months, not chipped, without a collar or anything to recognize it. When my colleagues asked me if we could keep it, I said “”Yes”readily ! “”A fostering implemented by the desirable setup of the properties: 400 m 2 of workplaces, a confined outside space” “for warm days “”as well as above all, no straight accessibility to the street, enabling the pet to integrate” “freedom”and also”safety and security” .