7 precautions to take for your pets on December 31 TEST 5 TITR

7 precautions to take for your pets on December 31 TEST 5 TITR

1- You don't share your meal

On New Year's Eve, everyone has their own meal! Do not give smoked salmon to your cat because foods that are too salty can poison him. Also forget the pieces of turkey, chicken or rabbit whose small bones could cause an occlusion or perforation of the digestive tracts of your animals.

2- We do not give sweet treats

Do not leave your boxes of chocolates next to your animals… Chocolate is very toxic for dogs, cats, ferrets and small rodents. The dog is very sensitive to the effects of theobromine (a nitrogenous substance present in many plants) contained in chocolate " because the elimination is slower than in humans, and the toxic dose is reached more quickly " specifies the Center Western Animal and Environmental Poison Control (CAPAE-Ouest).

3- We put alcohol out of reach

Without alcohol, the party is more crazy: especially for your animals! Indeed, the ethanol contained in sweet alcoholic beverages (punch for example) is very toxic, especially for dogs. “ The manifestations begin after a variable delay depending on the dose ingested and the quantity of food present in the digestive tract. The clinical signs reflect the depression of the nervous system: balance disorders, prostration, drowsiness, paralysis and breathing difficulties. Then coma, and the animal can die after a circulatory failure ” warns the Anti-Poison Center CAPAE-Ouest.

4- We do without party favors

No party, no party favors? Unfortunately, you will have to do without them… Because streamers, party favors and confetti can be swallowed and cause an occlusion, the outcome of which could be fatal to your four-legged friend.

5- Pay attention to candles and light garlands

To sift the atmosphere, nothing like candles! But your cat and dog are at high risk of getting burned or knocked over. Be sure to place them out of their reach.

As for the beautiful light garlands… a puppy or rabbit chewing on them could get electrocuted!

6- Turn down the music

You have planned music and dancing for your festive evening… Remember to isolate your animals because this deafening noise is not pleasant for them. Place your dog's bed in a quiet place where he can isolate himself from people and music. Ditto for your cat: let him go hide and watch over his peace of mind.

7- We protect it from firecrackers and fireworks

Avoid taking your dogs to the fireworks on December 31st as these sudden lights and deafening noises cause stress and are seen as a danger to be avoided. The sounds of firecrackers are also very unpleasant for them.

At home, let your dog go hide… You can even help him by installing his basket in a quiet and dark place; he will feel reassured and secure.

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